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Storm Damage in Temple-Belton-Killeen Call Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction

They say “everything is bigger in Texas,” and that includes our yearly thunderstorms, which are known to produce major winds, heavy rain, and hail. If you are in need of roof repair in Killeen, Temple, Waco, or surrounding towns, time is of the essence. Even minor damage done to your roof can quickly escalate into more significant problems if you don’t have a professional inspect it immediately. A team from Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction will assess the situation and handle the needed repairs before the damage spreads.

With substantial experience in both residential and commercial roofing needs, Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction is here for you. Don’t wait until you start seeing dark spots on your ceiling or noticing moisture seeping through your drywall; contact us today for an estimate.

Why Use Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction?

At Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction, we are not only experienced roofers, but also general contractors. Many other roofers may have little or no experience with storm damage in Central Texas because they only do roofing. With Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction, you get a full-service company that can repair hail, wind, and other storm damage to your roof or any part of your home or business. Here are some additional company highlights:

  • We specialize in all types of roofs. Metal roof? No problem.
  • We are a full service-general contractor. If your damage has spread to your drywall and insulation, some other roofers may require that you bring in subcontractors to fix those items and repaint your walls. We can handle all of these issues and more—we are a one-stop shop.
  • We promise professionalism. We show up on time and won’t stop until the job is done, whether you have a tiny fix or a massive repair.
  • We know the insurance industry. If you need help with homeowner’s insurance claims in Central Texas, you have come to the right place. We have insurance adjusting experience from the field and can help the process run smoothly.

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